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Chiropractor Melbourne and the postive effect on Pregnancy

Chiropractor Port Melbourne asks : Have you heard of pregnancy chiropractic?


There is probably no more important time to look after your body than when you are pregnant. Not only are you looking after yourself, you are ensuring the best possible development for your unborn baby as well. So during pregnancy having a properly aligned spine and pelvis and a properly functioning nervous system becomes even more important.


In particular, the pelvis and lower back are really important areas for a pregnant woman or one who is trying to get pregnant.

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The nerves from the lower back supply the reproductive organs and so can have a big influence on your hormone balance. This is also an area of the spine that comes under increasing pressure as your belly starts to grow. The increased weight at the front leads to an increased curve in the lower back which can further exacerbate any pre-existing spinal problems. This, coupled with the relaxation of protective ligaments due to hormonal changes, mean that women suffer from high rates of back pain during pregnancy. And, of course, that baby is going to have to come out at some stage so it makes sense that you want to keep your pelvis as balanced, open and flexible as possible to help birth go smoothly. In fact studies have shown that mothers who get adjusted throughout their pregnancies have less back pain, lower rates of intervention and easier births!


The pelvis is like the foundations of your spine, so any changes there will have a flow-on effect to everything above it. Often the pelvic relaxation that goes on during pregnancy leads to increased tension at the top of the spine and into the head, leading to neck pain and headaches. Gentle chiropractic adjustments and cranial work can help to ease this tension and reduce the pain.


The most important aspect of chiropractic care during pregnancy is the removal of interference from the nervous system. During pregnancy your nervous system is not only controlling your body, it is controlling the development of your unborn child as well. Specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments can help improve your nerve function, helping your baby grow and develop in a balanced and coordinated way.


Birth can be a stressful time for your baby too. Research shows that for 80% of children, the first problems in their spine start at birth! Interventions like forceps, vacuum extractions and caesareans only serve to increase this spinal trauma. So getting your child checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth is always a good idea. And don't worry - we have specific, very gentle techniques designed just for newborn babies. In fact the pressure used on a newborn would be about the same pressure I am using to type these words on a modern laptop.


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