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Children's Chiropractor Port Melbourne

Chiropractor Port Melbourne shares:


"Chiropractic has been shown for over 100 years to be a safe and effective form of health care for children. Of course the techniques used on children and babies are modified (more gentle) but the principle is exactly the same. Chiropractic care for kids is not about treating any specific conditions, it is about ensuring that their spines and nervous systems are moving and functioning properly. It is easy to understand that without proper alignment and nerve function your child's body is not going to develop as well as it should, and they are not going to be as healthy as they should.

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Chiropractor Port Melbourne says "Why do kids need chiropractic?"


Well, kids need chiropractic for a variety of reasons. In fact there can be any number of stressors that may cause a problem (subluxation) in your child's spine. Probably the most common amongst these is childbirth. If you had the privilege of being present at your child's birth you will understand why. Birth can be quite a traumatic event and involves quite a lot of force going through your child's spine and nervous system - especially in our modern world, where the rates of interventions like forceps and caesarean sections are so high. In fact these stressors are so strong that one study has suggested that the first spinal problems experienced by over 80% of people started when they were born. Sounds like a great reason for your kids to get a spinal check-up.


Of course, kids do lots of other stuff too. Whether it is the knocks and falls of learning to walk, sitting slumped over a desk all day at school, carrying that heavy backpack slung over one shoulder or learning to ride a bike, kids do stuff every day that has the potential to cause subluxations in their spines.


As I mentioned earlier, the adjustments that chiropractors give to children are modified. The amount of pressure I would use adjusting a small baby would be about the amount of pressure you could comfortably apply to your eyeball without it hurting. In other words, not much! Because children are so supple and don't have the years of built up stressors that adults do, they respond brilliantly to such gentle pressure. In fact they will typically see changes much quicker than adults. It makes sense then to get your kids in for a spinal check-up to see if they have subluxations so that you can deal with them now before they become much bigger problems later in life.


So.. How do I know if my child has a subluxation?


The short answer is, you may not. Kids can have subluxations and nerve interference long before they have any noticeable symptoms, but there may be a few tell-tale signs. If your child has disturbed sleeping patterns, if they have difficulty breast-feeding and attaching, if they have restricted neck movement or of they have one shoulder higher than the other, then it would be worthwhile getting a check-up.


Also if your child is displaying symptoms like recurrent ear infections, repeated sore throats, asthma, scoliosis, headaches, bedwetting, constipation or ADHD it may be a good idea to get a check-up. The aim of chiropractic care is not to treat any of these conditions (or any other symptoms), but merely to remove any interference and allow the body to adapt, repair and regenerate itself. If you can do that, however, with gentle adjustments, then the children will often notice an improvement in their symptoms too.


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